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Fairy Bonsai Tree Light with LED Lights


Adorn your home with romantic finishing touches thanks to this beautiful light decor.

  • No visible cords: The presentation of the lamp matches exactly with a real tree. There are no visible wires and everything is shielded masterfully, giving a perfect presentation to anywhere it is placed.

  • Energy-saving LEDs: This light up tree lamp uses LEDs. Most importantly, they have a service life of 20,000 hours.

  • Waterproof lamp beads: The beads of the fairy light up tree are waterproof, so it can be placed outdoors as well. Don't worry about your BBQ party decors and simply place this fairy light spirit tree to spruce up the dark night vibes. 

  • Place as a home décor item: Brightens up any corner of the house. Can be used as a great source of mood lighting as well. It is an ideal light source for romantic dinner dates at home.

  • Bendable branches: Reshape the tree according to your wish. The branches can be bent by hand and rearranged. Show your artistic approach towards the decor and be more creative with these fairy tree lights.  

  • Touch-based switch: Contains an ergonomic touch button that can be pressed with minimum effort. It can be turned on easily even when you are sleepy and powerless

Material: ABS
Size: 33*17*3.5cm